Lori Pranger, AMFT

Lori - what do you believe people should hear when they are seeking a new therapeutic relationship?

"Thank you for taking this first step to care for yourself."

While it's hard to seek help, it can change your life. Many individuals have been socialized to believe that they are the reason for all of their difficulties in life. I focus on how the problem is impacting your life and on how you can rediscover your strengths to create an alternative approach to your life, so the problem no longer defines your life. I have experience in working with anxiety, depression, PTSD and gender dysphoria, and have worked with individuals who identity as transgender or gender nonconforming and the LGBT community.

Using narrative therapy, we will examine the issues you are facing and define specific goals to work towards. We will look at how the problem is negatively interacting within your life and find solutions together. Therapy needs to be informed by your cultural context, including pop culture, so I utilize everything that is important to you in our sessions.

It's important to integrate your hobbies, pastimes, and interests into therapy to craft an experience that is as individual as you are. I used this extensively during my time at the Gender Health Center, where I learned to provide effective and sensitive care for the transgender/gender non-conforming community and the LGBT community. I look forward to meeting you.